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Tech News: DJI Ronin 2 Moves Up in Weigh Class, and Price

   Thursday July 13, 2017

MoVi was the first to market gimbal stabilization tech, but DJI climbed into the ring with the Ronin, a cost-effective, high-performance alternative that became a hit with indie filmmakers. Now DJI has officially announced the Ronin 2, which NoFilmSchool calls “a huge leap forward” over the Ronin. It can carry a payload up to 30 pounds, twice as much as the $7,499 MoVi Pro. But the new Ronin comes with some sticker shock at $6,999.   Read the full Story >>

State of the Art: The Time Lapse Comes of Age - A Roundup

By David Schonauer   Wednesday July 12, 2017

Time lapse has been around for a long time. But never has this type of motion art been more popular or so creatively used to explore geography and nature and, of course, the infinitely intriguing concept of time passage. Today we gather together a number of time-lapse projects that have rocked the internet in recent days - from an infrared tour of Salzburg, Austria, and ...   Read the full Story >>

Insight: VR Should Focus on "Storyliving," Not Storytelling

Nieman Lab   Thursday July 6, 2017

The VR journalism of tomorrow won’t look much like the video and text-based journalism of today. That, notes Nieman Lab, is the takeaway from a new ethnographic study done by the Google News Lab. The study examines how VR’s unique traits will affect how journalists tell stories in the medium. Effective VR experiences are designed around “storyliving,” not just storytelling, notes the study: VR viewers should be active participants in the stories they’re watching, not passive consumers. See also: A Reuters study on the challenges of VR journalism.   Read the full Story >>

Dept of Ideas: A Stop-Action Short Made with Real People

Frame Order   Thursday July 6, 2017

The dance video Golden Oldies, from animation studio Frame Order, is a brilliant example of pixilation — stop-motion created using real people. So says PetaPixel, which recently featured the short, along with a BTS “making-of” video showing how green screens, a mannequin, fake limbs, and clever editing were used to create the final product. The film was originally screened in a Dutch cinema last year as a support film for the feature Doctor Strange.   Read the full Story >>

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