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Tech News, 2: The World's First Bendable Slider

DIYPhotography   Thursday May 11, 2017

Austrian startup Waterbird Systems has come up with something entirely new: It’s new MultiSlider  lets you switch from a linear track to a curved one, notes DIY Photography. The track can be locked in place to keep your desired configuration, whether you want it completely linear, curved, or a little bit of both, adds NoFilmSchool. Other features include a high-precision stepper motor and drive belt, a 10-inch minimum radius, and a powerful motion controller with Bluetooth connectivity and mobile app.    Read the full Story >>

Tech News, 1: Sony's S3CA Has No Recording Limit

CINEMA 5D   Thursday May 11, 2017

At this year’s NAB Show Sony unveiled a new camera called the S3CA that features the same sensor and processor as the popular Sony a7S II. But, notes Cinema 5D, it doesn’t limit your recording to 30 minutes. The camera has has no screen or buttons – it requires a USB connection with a PC or Mac as a control interface. “The S3CA could for example be used during a live production and be controlled from the mixer instead of a camera operator,” adds C5D. Or, says News Shooter, it could be used as a drone cam or part of a VR rig.   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: Paying Tribute to an Iraqi "Fixer" Who Gave His Life for Journalism

By David Schonauer   Monday May 8, 2017

Once, Fakher Haider managed an Iraqi fertilizer company. But when war came to his country he found his life's purpose as a "fixer," helping journalists who'd come to his country. Matt Moyer, who covered Iraq for The New York Times and National Geographic, was one of them. "Guide, interpreter, security consultant, lifeline research assistant, friend. Fakher was all these things. But most of all ...   Read the full Story >>

Insight: How to Shoot Better Car Footage

PDN   Thursday May 4, 2017

Cars are difficult subjects for still photographers, and when it comes to capturing them on video the challenges only increase, notes PDN, which features insights from Bill Bennett, a veteran cinematographer who has shot many car commercials. He always tells aspiring cinematographers that shooting cars is all about managing reflections, notes PDN’s Holly Stuart Hughes.   Read the full Story >>

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