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Spotlight: Eric Ogden's "Nocturne" of Fear

By David Schonauer   Monday May 15, 2017

Photographer and filmmaker Eric Ogden was named a winner of the International Motion Art Awards for his comic short "The Call," in which actress Anna Kendrick improvises her way through four minutes as a loveably bored receptionist. Ogden, who we Profiled last year, went on to create another short, and it couldn't be more different from his earlier film: Called "Nocturne," it is a ...   Read the full Story >>

Insight: What Makes an Image "Cinematic"?

CookeOpticsTV   Thursday May 11, 2017

What does it mean when we say an image is “cinematic?” The term, notes NoFilmSchool, is used loosely but most often refers to the emotional, captivating quality of cinema that is unique to the medium. In a new video from Cooke Optics, a number of cinematographers reveal what they think a cinematic image is. “[O]ne consensus can be reached: Cinematic images are always rooted in—and motivated by—story,” adds NFS.   Read the full Story >>

Screening Room: Setting Ray Collins's Still Waves In Motion

Vimeo   Thursday May 11, 2017

Australian photographer Ray Collins has become well known for his sensuous images of ocean waves; now Rotterdam-based cinematographer and photographer Armand Dijcks  has brought Collin’s work to a new dimension through cinemagraphs — still photos in which a portion of the image moves. “Each cinemagraph is created from one of Ray's stills, and sets it in infinite motion, making a unique moment in time last forever,” writes Dijcks at Vimeo. Along with the visuals is a remarkable custom soundtrack.   Read the full Story >>

Trending: Why Documentaries Are Surging

Indiewire   Thursday May 11, 2017

Call it the “Netlix effect,” declares Indiewire: With the rise of the global VOD giant and its increasingly voracious appetite for nonfiction films, documentaries are surging. Netflix, Amazon and now, increasingly, Hulu are all driving strong demand for documentaries. Bottom line: It’s a great time to be a documentary filmmaker. But with the SVOD companies’ emphasis on home-viewing, is the documentary business moving further and further away from big screens?   Read the full Story >>

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