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Insight: Tips From Directors of 2017 Oscar-Nominated Short Films

nofilmschool   Tuesday January 31, 2017

Winning an Oscar may seem like an unreachable goal for many indie feature directors, but every year unknown filmmakers jump start their careers by qualifying for the Academy Award shorts categories, notes NoFilmSchool, which has reached out to directors from this year’s Oscar-nominated short films for insights on their success. The takeaway: Keep things simple, work tenaciously, and be a combination film professional and film guerrilla.   Read the full Story >>

Dept of Lists: The Best Places to Work and Live As a Filmmaker, 2017

MovieMaker   Tuesday January 31, 2017

Natural beauty. Networking possibilities and a supportive community. Creative resources.  These are some of the factors that make a place ideal for filmmakers to live and work. MovieMaker magazine has compiled its 17th-annual ranking of American and Canadian cities (because Canada’s an option in the Trump era) that filmmakers might want to reside in. MM consulted regional film commissions and surveyed filmmakers themselves to come up with the list, which is divided into big cities and small cities and towns. The number-one big city is the biggest of all: New York. Savannah, Georgia, leads the smaller city category.   Read the full Story >>

Time-Lapse, 2: How to Capture a Tilt-Shift Effect Miniature World

Rob & Jonas’ Filmmaking Tips    Monday January 30, 2017

You don’t necessarily need a tilt-shift lens to capture remarkable views of “miniaturized” scenes — it’s often done in post, notes DIY Photography. A new video tutorial from Rob & Jonas’ Filmmaking Tips offers a solid explanation of how to do just that using Final Cut Pro X. Even better, he shows you what you should expect your results to look like.   Read the full Story >>

Time-Lapse, 1: Capturing Four Seasons In Norway

Vimeo   Monday January 30, 2017

ExoSkin gloves (see item two) might well come in handy if you’re shooting in Norway in the dead of winter. But as Oslo, Norway-based time-lapse specialist Morten Rustad  shows in his newest project, there’s more to his native land than winter. Rustad traveled some 20,000 kilometers, shot some 200,000 photos, and filled some 20 terabytes of storage to create his seven-minute film Seasons of Norway — A Time-Lapse Adventure. Go here  for his gear breakdown. Go here  for a BTS look.   Read the full Story >>

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