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From Around the Web: New Year's Resolutions for Filmmakers

Videomaker   Friday December 30, 2016

Will you begin creating motion art in 2017? Will you take your filmmaking craft to a new level? Either way, we hope you’ll be checking in with Motion Arts Pro for the latest trends, gear, tips and inspiring work, all gleaned from around the web. In the meantime, Videomaker offers some resolutions you might want to consider in the new year, starting with this one: Make more videos. Also, resolve to learn a new skill, find new collaborators, work on a signature style, and submit work to a festival!   Read the full Story >>

Picks from 2016: The Story of the Last Gaucho

Vimeo   Friday December 30, 2016

In 2015, Ontario, Canada-based filmmaker Brent Foster launched The Legacy Project to tell “the stories of amazing living legacies throughout North America, while they’re still with us.” In 2016 he teamed with DJI and went farther afield to tell the story of Heraldo Riel, a gaucho in Patagonia, Chile. Riel, notes Foster, “has stayed true to the spirit of his profession while in the midst of a rapidly changing world.” Fstoppers  had a behind-the-scenes look at how Foster created the video.   Read the full Story >>

Picks from 2016: The Delightful Experiments of Max Litvinov

It’s Nice That   Friday December 30, 2016

Russian animator, illustrator and game designer Max Litvinov’s films are short and wonderfully sweet: “At under a minute long, his quick spots contain bursts of sequences and orderly action like Roman soldiers marching in unison and a titchy fella eagerly ringing a bell,”  noted It’s Nice That. The pieces are experiments in color and movement that may remind you of Franco/Belgian comics like Asterix, with a style that feels clunky and charmingly old-school. See more at Tumblr.   Read the full Story >>

Picks from 2016: Winter Is Coming, and It Will Be Sensuous

NOWNESS   Friday December 30, 2016

Winter is coming, and while some dream about heading to a sunny beach somewhere, others look forward to ice and snow. One such person is filmmaker Peter Middleton, whose short film Snow “explores the senses through a transformative blizzard,” noted Nowness. The film is narrated by John Hull, an Australian-born academic who has written extensively about his late-in-life loss of sight. Middleton decided to shoot on 8mm film “to capture something of the ethereal experience of blindness.”   Read the full Story >>

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