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State of the Art: The Limits of Stabilization, Thanks to Earth's Rotation

PetaPixel   Friday September 30, 2016

Olympus’s new E-M1 Mark II features an amazing 6.5 stops of image stabilization. And that, says the company, is as good as it is ever going to get because the rotation of the Earth interferes with gyro sensors. So unless gyroscope sensors can be made that compensate for Earth’s rotation — or until the planet stops spinning, which would not be a good thing — mankind has reached its stabilizing limit, notes PetaPixel.   Read the full Story >>

Screening Room: Redefining Schwarzenegger's "Pump"

NOWNESS   Friday September 30, 2016

Robert Fiore and George Butler’s 1977 documentary Pumping Iron followed the 100-day run-up to a pair of bodybuilding competitions and introduced a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, who memorably explained “the pump” — the orgasmic sensation he gets when working a muscle. For Nowness’s “Define Beauty” series, London-based director Emile Rafael re-staged the scene … with one small difference: Schwarzenegger’s place is taken by female pro bodybuilder René Campbell. Or is it a big difference?   Read the full Story >>

Insight: Should You Be Shooting On 16mm Film?

nofilmschool   Friday September 30, 2016

Is film really back? During the recent IFP Film Week, Kodak hosted a panel called "The Power of 16,” featuring director Eliza Hittman, producer Lucas Joaquin and cinematographer Naiti Gamez. Prior to the panel came the announcement of a new Kodak film lab in New York City meant to make the transfer of dailies and other stock items easier for filmmakers on the East Coast. But, notes NoFilmSchool, while the panelists were enthusiastic about the visual aesthetic of film, they weren't as positive about the prospects of shooting film with micro-budgets.   Read the full Story >>

Annals of Advertising: Combing Data and Art for Nike

STASH   Friday September 30, 2016

Nike’s Magista 2 soccer boot was designed using data about everything from foot morphology to the graphics of the shoe’s upper. To spotlight the boot, London studio FutureDeluxe used advanced production techniques to create spectacular aesthetics, notes Stash. “We combined motion capture data with 3-D body scans of German soccer player Mario Götze to highlight how the cleats’ new sensory upper helps players instantly connect ball to brain,” says FutureDeluxe’s James Callahan.   Read the full Story >>

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