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Resources: The Best Mics For Sit-Down Interviews

PremiumBeat   Wednesday August 31, 2016

The best microphone options for sit-down interviews are shotgun mics and lavalier mics, and the best setup is actually one of each, assuring you quality backup audio, notes PremiumBeat, which has a list of what it thinks are the top mics for such interviews. Included are the Rode VideoMic Pro ($229) and the Sennheiser MKE 400 ($199). Among the lav mics are the Sennheiser ME 2 ($149) and the Countryman B3 ($238).   Read the full Story >>

State of the Art: The GIF Is Dead, Long Live the GIF

Popular Mechanics   Wednesday August 31, 2016

November 5, 1999, was “Burn All GIFs Day,” created as a protest against a file format that was already showing its age: The GIF, notes Popular Mechanics, “offered support for a paltry 256 colors. Its animation capabilities were easily rivaled by a flipbook. It was markedly inferior to virtually every file format that had followed it.” And yet, the GIF is now the ruler of the internet, an art form unto itself. One reason why: Behind the looping animation you see, there is often no GIF at all.   Read the full Story >>

Glittering Prizes: Win Cash and Distribution for your Eco-Doc

The Audience Awards   Wednesday August 31, 2016

The Audience Awards has partnered with web platform FUSION to host the first-ever Project Earth Doc Challenge, in which filmmakers must shoot, edit, and submit a short film tied to a specific environmental theme. Winners will receive $20,000 in cash and value prizes, with an additional $3,000 donation to a non-profit organization designated by the FUSION award winner, notes NoFilmSchool. Winners will also be showcased across FUSION's digital and TV platforms, and the films will be screened at film festivals, including the International Wildlife Film Festival.   Read the full Story >>

The Music Video: A Crazy Subway Ride with The Avalanches

It’s Nice That   Wednesday August 31, 2016

“Discovering new animation work from French directing duo Mrzyk & Moriceau  is always a treat as it guarantees trippy, often outrageous imagery held together by a certain subversive sense of abandon,” notes Stash. The animators’ latest winner is a music video for the single “Subways” from Australian electro band The Avalanches. How crazy is it? “This silly but wonderful music video was inspired by the New York subway in the 70s,” notes It’s Nice That. It doesn’t get crazier than that.   Read the full Story >>

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