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The Video Essay: Jason Bourne and the Evolution of Movie Fights

Vimeo   Friday July 29, 2016

Jason Bourne is back is a new movie, once again taking on teams of shadowy assassins in his own inimitable style. And that style has changed over the years, along with action and fight scenes in general, notes  NoFilmSchool. To show this evolution, video essayist Kevin B. Lee has juxtaposed fight scenes from three previous Bourne films: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum. You’ll see how much on-screen violence has changed in a short time.   Read the full Story >>

Primer: 4 Tips to Help You Shoot Video to Tell a Story

Rob & Jonas’ Filmmaking Tips    Friday July 29, 2016

Everybody tells you that filmmaking is about storytelling, but how do you do it? If you’re a photographer transitioning to motion, you might benefit from a primer from Rob & Jonas’s Filmmaking Tips that offers insights about how to shoot video to tell a story. The takeaway: Shoot as much video as possible, but remember to create establishing shots, focus on characters, capture some action and add a conclusion.   Read the full Story >>

Inspiration: This Full-Time Mom Is Making Her Own Feature

The Filmmaker’s Process   Friday July 29, 2016

“Yes, being a mom is more than enough work to tire anybody, but I'm still a person and my personal interests happen to be filmmaking, not leading a preschool,” writes Bogna Jordan at the Filmmaker’s Process. Jordan is a mother of three (five, three and two years old) and is expecting her fourth in September. But she has continued making shorts and is now in pre-production on her first feature. Learn her secrets for multitasking: Break filmmaking tasks into four separate categories.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Shooting Cinematic iPhone Footage with Filmic Pro

CINEMA 5D   Friday July 29, 2016

Filmic Pro  is a video camera app aimed at pro mobile-video creators who want manual control over their smartphone camera. The app, which was used to create Tangerine, an award-winning 2015 feature film shot with an iPhone, lets you finely control parameters, set up custom presets and max out the video recording bitrate, notes Cinema 5D, which explains how to create cinematic footage with it.   Read the full Story >>

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