The DART Book Prize Contest

By Peggy Roalf   Tuesday December 11, 2018

As the year comes screaming to a close—likely one of the strangest, if not the worst of the 21st Century—this is a good time to offer the last DART Book Prize Contest of 2018!

In the past the Book Prize Contest has involved identifying, from a photo of mine, “Where in New York Am I?” Info But this one is different. It invites DART subscribers to create a  Brief History of the Three-word Greeting.

Tell me: where did these salutations originate:

Hello, Hello, Hello

‘Ang on, ‘Ang on, ‘Ang on

All Right, All Right, All Right

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

The best way to be the winner a copy of a brand new, hot off the press, on a truck heading to the office as I type, volume of AI37, or AP34, is to amaze me with your creativity, wit, and intelligence.

So do it with your friends and colleagues! Have fun with it! Send it off and pop a cork!

Contest rules are pasted below. The deadline is Monday, December 17. Winner[s] will be announced in next Tuesday’s DART Board. [Note: the photograph above offers a clue to one of the answers.]



Contest rules:

The Book Prize Contest is open to all DART subscribers—and their friends and allies.

Use this subject in your reply: I Love Art Books! Others could be inadvertently overlooked.

Books can be shipped only to continental United States. Hint: if you live beyond the contiguous 48 and have a friend living stateside, you can have your prize book mailed to them.

Include your name and snailmail address.

AI37 is designed Na Kim. The jury included: 

Damien Correll
Creative Director,Google

Jim Datz
Op-Ed Art Director,The New York Times

Alison Forner
Art Director, Simon & Schuster

Na Kim
Illustrator and Graphic Designer,Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Michael Mrak
Creative Director,Scientific American

Ivylise Simones
Design Director Platforms,WIRED

Phoebe Flynn Rich
Design Director,Rachael Ray Everyday

AP35 is designed by 

AP34 is designed by Matt Willey, with cover photos by Steven Voss and Marcus Yam.

The jury included:

Roxanne Behr
Senior Photo Editor, New York Magazine

Siobhan Bohnacker
Senior Photo Editor,T he New Yorker

Todd Heughens
Creative Director/SVP Print Design, FX Networks

Andrew Katz
Deputy Director Multimedia,TIME

Chelsea Matiash
Senior Photo Editor,The Intercept

Krista Prestek
Visuals Director,GQ and GQ Style

Matt Willey
Art Director,The New York Times Magazine

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