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By Peggy Roalf   Friday December 19, 2014

Best PhotoBooks of 2014 lists, that is. But not every list is a true “top ten.” Time magazine had photography editors, curators, and writers from here and abroad take a stab; their list runs to nearly 30 titles. And American Photo, with five categories, has the longest list of all. So I went through ten of this year's top ten lists and selected one favorite of mine from each, for the 2014 DART Top Ten PhotoBooks.

But it’s entirely up to you, dear reader, to decide on the Best Photobooks of 2014, whether you're choosing a great gift for a friend or adding to your own library. Here goes, in no particular order. To see each list's complete list, click "Information." Your holiday shopping just got exponentially easier—so have fun with it! 

From Time magazine, 27 photo books that define 2014, selected by Jeffrey Ladd. Information.
Anthony Hernandez, L.A., 1971 (Silas Finch Foundation) [below]

From Aperture Foundation/Paris Photo PhotoBook Awards 2014 shortlist, selected by Lesley A. Martin, Julien Frydman, ToddHido, Mutsuko Ota, and Anne Wilkes Tucker:
PhotoBook of the Year: Ruth van Beek, The Arrangement (RVB Books) 
First PhotoBook: Yuji Hamada, Photograph (Lemon Books)
Photography Catalogue of the Year: Munemasa Takahashi, Tsunami, Photographs, and Then: Lost and Found (ProjectAKAAKA)

From The Guardian’s best photography books of 2014information, selected by Sean O’Hagen:
Awoiska van der Molen, Sequester (Fw Books) [above]

From Humble Arts Foundation Best photobooks of 2014, Information:
Charlie RubinStrange Paradise (Conveyor Editions) [below]


From Photo-Eye’s best photobooks of 2014Information:
Rafal Milach, The Winners (Gost Books)

From The Telgraph’s best phototography books out nowInformation:
Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Scarti (Trolley Books, RRP) [below]

From American Photo’s Best Documentary Photobooks of 2014Information
Rob Hornstra, The Sochi Project (Aperture)

From The Washington Post, 10 best bets for self-publishing your photobook, selected by Lindsey Roberts. Information:
MyPublisher (owned by Shutterfly)


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