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David SchonauerWednesday, April 2, 2014

PPD Spotlight: Barry Rosenthal's "Trash" Pops Up On Glassware
Barry Rosenthal
Over the past few years, photographer (and PPD reader) Barry Rosenthal has been wandering around the coastal areas of New York City’s vast harbor looking for interesting objects that have washed ashore. He turns these unremarkable things—combs, plastic spoons, boat propellers—into remarkable images: As Slate puts it, “trash never looked so beautiful.” Apparently the product designers at Uncommon Goodsagreed, because they have collaborated with Rosenthal to turn one of his photographs—showing pop-tops found at Orchard Beach in the Bronx—into the design for a new collection of glassware. Results: Brilliant.Read the full story >>

Industry News: Reuters Gets Into Photo Licensing with E-Commerce Site
Looking to compete with AP and Getty Images, Reuters has launched a new photo and video e-commerce site, reports Poynter. Called Reuters Access, the site is aimed at small and mid-sized customers, including bloggers and nonprofits. Reuters notes that the images on the site are “highly curated” — there are only about 26,000 photos available, although more material will be added later. That number compares to 34 million creative and editorial images downloadable on AP Images.  Read the full story >>

Portfolio: Quantum Physics, Visualized Via University Blackboards
The Huffington Post
Physicists proudly describe the beauty of the arcane mathematical equations that describe the universe—but photographer Alejandro Guijarrohas spent three years traveling to universities around the world to capture what that beauty actually looks like—as sketched on the blackboards of lecture halls. In his project “Momentum,” Guijarro provides a glimpse of the mysteries of quantum physics. His images, notes the Huffington Post, blur the line between hardcore science and abstract art.Read the full story >>

Legal Brief: Cop Who Threatened Photog Gets Slapdown
A police officer in the UK who promised to make a photographer’s life “a living hell” has been officially reprimanded, notes DIY Photography. The incident received attention last November when the policeman confronted an anonymous photographer at the scene of a deadly car crash and made a number of threats. The photography recorded the scene and later uploaded his video to the Internet. Now the Gloucestershire police have given the cop a written warning and removed him from frontline duties. PetaPixel compares the story to this one.Read the full story >>

Future Photo: USC Offers Course in "Glass Journalism"
Will Google Glass change photojournalism? This fall, students at the University of Southern California will get the chance to study that question, reports Mashable. In a new course called “Glass Journalism,” students will be tasked with thinking up new ways for journalists to tell stories using augmented reality and Google Glass. Web-journalism professorRobert Hernandez believes the first-of-its-kind class will offer a rare opportunity for journalists to get ahead of a budding technology trend.Read the full story >>

Resources: Is Your Website Turning Off Clients? Find Out for Free
Do you every worry that you may be losing clients because your website isn’t as good as it should be? “You may not even realize that one of the links in your menu doesn’t work properly, or that your portfolio sliding gallery is so annoyingly slow that people stop looking at it,” notes Fstoppers, which spotlights an online service called Peekthat will inspect your site and give you immediate feedback. You get three free tests per website.Read the full story >>

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