Robert Newman

Illustrator Profile: Samantha Hahn: "Painting fashion is an opportunity to celebrate color, movement and grace"

By Robert Newman   Thursday March 31, 2016

Samantha Hahn is a Brooklyn-based artist who has created distinctively stylish fashion and beauty illustrations for numerous outlets, including Glamour and The Cut, as well as illustrating New York Fashion Week for the Council of Fashion Designers of America. She also has a distinctive hand lettering style that has appeared in "everything from captions in the Paris Review to Marie Claire magazine cover lines ...   Read the full Story >>

Photographer Profile - Ernesto Bazan: "If you are generous, things come back to you"

By David Schonauer   Tuesday March 29, 2016

Photographer Ernesto Bazan is best known for his trilogy of hauntingly beautiful books about Cuba, his home for 14 years. He says it was destiny that led him there. But when the Cuban government barred him from teaching workshops, he and his family left. "I loved being there and photographing there, so it was a big blow," he says. Now with normalization in relations ...   Read the full Story >>

Illustrator Profile - Lauren Tamaki: "The physical act of drawing makes me happier than anything else in the world"

By Robert Newman   Thursday March 24, 2016

Lauren Tamaki is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, graphic designer and photography art director who creates bold, stylish fashion drawings and expressive editorial illustrations for a wide variety of clients and publications. Tamaki has done graphic design and art direction work for Kate Spade, Bumble and bumble and more, and combines a keen sense of style and fashion to create smart, energetic work. She uses acrylic ...   Read the full Story >>

Photographer Profile - Stephanie Diani: "I feel like I've had to work hard at upping my game in New York"

By David Schonauer   Tuesday March 22, 2016

In 2014, photographer Stephanie Diani left Los Angeles and resettled in New York City - a move she'd been contemplating for several years. "I'd wanted to live in New York ever since I was in high school," says Diani, who grew up in Goleta, CA, near Santa Barbara. "And as a photographer, I just felt that New York was the proving ground, and ...   Read the full Story >>

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