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What We're Reading: Filmmaker Documents Syria's Citizen Journalists

Columbia Journalism Review   Thursday July 20, 2017

Matthew Heineman has a reputation for fearless filmmaking, notes the Columbia Journalism Review, citing his 2015 documentary Cartel Land, an up-close look at American and Mexican vigilante groups fighting drug cartels along the US-Mexican border. CJR talks with Heineman about his upcoming film City of Ghosts, which tells the story of the citizen journalists behind Syrian news website Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently  (RBSS), who risk their lives to document the atrocities perpetrated by ISIS in their hometown.    Read the full Story >>

State of the Art: See Time Lapse Taken to a New Level

Tom Lowe   Thursday July 20, 2017

Last week we noted  that time-lapse filmmakers were using new technology to break creative ground. But photographer Tom Lowe  seems to have gone even further in his new film Awaken — a documentary about man’s relationship with nature and technology. Lowe shot the photos and footage for the piece over five years across 30 different countries, pioneering “new time-lapse, time-dilation, underwater, and aerial cinematography techniques,” notes PetaPixel.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Nebula Slant is a Gimbal with a Twist

nofilmschool   Thursday July 20, 2017

Filmpower has come up with a simple design improvement that makes its Nebula 5100 Slant  3-axis handheld gimbal more useful to filmmakers, notes NoFilmSchool: It lets users see the camera screen. The gimbal’s twist design also supports a larger payload of up to 3.2kg, or 7 pounds. Filmpower has also introduced the Nebula focus — a focus tool for gimbal shooters designed to mount to the top or bottom of a DSLR and to work with a remote to enable an operator to control the gimbal with one hand and the focus with the other. Price of the Slant: $999.   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: A Romp Inside The Puzzling World of Skittles

By David Schonauer   Wednesday July 19, 2017

Before you can taste the rainbow, you have to solve the rainbow: That, more or less, is the premise behind a spec commercial for Skittles created by Brooklyn-based director, editor, and special-effects artist Eren Gulfidan. The ad, which features Lloyd Kaufman - founder of Troma, the independent film production company responsible for cult-favorite horror films including "The Toxic Avenger" and "Class of Nuke 'Em High ...   Read the full Story >>

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