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In Focus, 1: A Killing at the Border, in Virtual Reality

The New York Times   Wednesday January 11, 2017

Among the top virtual-realty productions from the New York Times in 2016 was one titled “10 Shots Across the Border,” which told the story of José Antonio Elena Rodríguez, a 16-year-old killed in an incident that raises troubling questions about the US Border Patrol. Accounts of the killing, which occurred in Nogales, Arizona, in 2012, are disputed. It occurred at the fence that bisects Ambos Nogales,  built in 2011 at a cost of about $4.14 million per mile. Nonetheless, undocumented immigrants and drug smugglers still manage to climb it every day. Watch the virtual-reality film accompanying the linked article by downloading NYT VR, the Times’s virtual-reality app for iPhone  and Android.   Read the full Story >>

Latin American Ilustracion: Pablo Londero

By David Schonauer   Wednesday January 11, 2017

Fast food isn't good for your body. And, says Pablo Londero, fast education isn't good for your intellect. "Education in my country has lots of problems," says Londero, an art director, graphic designer and illustrator based in Montevideo, Uruguay. "These days children are connected and dependent of technology. They all have to be fast. They don't study something; they Google it." In 2015 Londero ...   Read the full Story >>

Everyday Latin America: Protesting an Abortion Law

Everyday Latin America   Wednesday January 4, 2017

“Las mujeres no son incubadoras,” (“women are not incubators”) reads the sign carried by a man named Thiago, who was demonstrating against the criminalization of abortion in the Dominican Republic last month. “The new penal code of the country criminalizes abortion even in cases of sexual assault, incest, risk in the life of the mother or [if the] fetus [is] not viable,” notes photographer Orlando Barria, who snapped a photo of Thiago for the Everyday Latin America Instagram feed.   Read the full Story >>

On Location, 2: Cuba's Artists Embrace a New World

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC   Wednesday January 4, 2017

In post-Castro Cuba, young people seem to have an oversize say in how their country will adapt to the 21st century — with style and vibrancy, and with a sense of hurry, notes National Geographic, which features photographs of the island nation’s young artists, musicians and dancers by photographer Greg Kahn. “We’re so used to seeing the same photos of old Havana, but that’s like judging New York just by visiting Midtown. Cuba has a Brooklyn, too,” says Kahn, speaking of his work.   Read the full Story >>

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